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July 2017


Eating in Poblenou

July 21, 2017

When I was planning summer research in Barcelona, I knew there were two big logistical unknowns I needed to tackle in order to be able to get work done: find childcare in an unfamiliar place and find a livable neighborhood. I looked first on Air BNB through some neighborhoods that were familiar to me when I came here back in 2010 with my husband and older daughter. Most of the Air BnB places were extremely pricey, and I later learned…

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Security and Health in McWorld

July 6, 2017

Yesterday morning my student SJ and I were meeting a Moroccan woman for an interview, and our interviewee had suggested we meet at a McDonald’s in the Sants train station.  We emerged from the metro into the chaos of the enormous station, clean and bright and full of digital green signage proclaiming the thousands of trains that leave each day to travel all around Europe.  I wouldn’t normally go to McDonald’s except under duress (pushed by a child, perhaps), but…

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